INSTRUMENT Model Technical Specification Description Main feature
1.Micro Ohm Meter 1µΩ to 2000Ω
Accuracy 0.05%
Used for measuring resistance more precise 4 & ½ digit & 4 wire measuring instrument
2. Dc Regulated Power Supply 0 to 64VDC
0-20A DC
Used for measuring resistance more precise
3. Breakdown Voltage Tester Voltage 0 to 5000V AC/DC
Current 0.5 to 100mA in AC
0.1 to 10mA in DC
Used for High voltage test or Withstand stand
4. LEAKAGE CURRENT TESTER (FSD) Range Current : 10 µA ,25 µA, 100mA, 1 mA, 2.5 mA,10 mA DC Voltage Supply : 0 to 500V General Accuracy: ±2 % F.S.D. Were-up time : 10 sec Overload protection: Fully protected against wrong selection of ranges and breakdown of components under test. The Leakage Current Tester has been designed to check leakage of current of all types of capacitors and semiconductors devices at a very rapid rate, depending on the voltage and value of the component the testing speed can be as high as 300 to 1200 pieces per hours Separate push button controls with integral memory and visual indication of ‘CHARGE’, ‘MEASURE’, and ‘DISCHARGE’ functions are ideally suited for rapid and safe testing of components. The mode of operation for measurement of leakage current is as per ISI recombination
5. Withstand Tester Voltage 0 to 30kV AC/DC
Current 5 mA & 20mA AC/DC
Used forHigh voltage test or Withstand stand
6. LCR Meter For frequency of 120Hz, 1kHz and 10 kHz
L: 0.01 µH-1000 H
C:0.01 pF-10 Pf
R: 1mΩ-10MΩ
Accuracy: L and C: +0.3%
Of reading +2count
R: +0.2% of reading +2 count
Used for measuring Inductance , Capacitance and Resistance of electrical & electronics components
7. DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE Bandwidth- DS1102E- 100 MHz Sample Rate- 1GSa/s, 200MSa/s Input coupling- DC, AC, GND Input Impedance- 1MΩ±2%, the input capacity is 18pf±3pf. Probe attenuation factor- 1X,5X,10X,50X, 100X, 500X, 1000X Maximum input voltage 400 (DC+ AC peak, 1MΩ input impedance) and 40 V (DC + AC Peak) Time Delay between channel- 500ps DS1000E series are designed with dual channels and external trigger channel as well as 16 channels logic analyser. Application- Electronic circuit test Circuit function test Logical relation between signals verification Circuit of mixed signal test Education & training. Dual Analog channels and 16 channels logic analyser, 100 MHz maximum bandwidth, 1GSa/s max. Real time sample rate and 25 GSa/s max. Equivalent sample rate. 5.6 inch and 64 k TFT LCD make the waveform display more clear and vivid Abundant trigger type: Edge, pulse width, video, slope, alternate, pattern and duration Unique adjustable trigger sensitivity enables to meet different demands Enable to measure 20 types of wave parameters and track measurements via cursor automatically
8. Million Megha Ohm Meter Upto 2 x 108MΩ
Accuracy ±2 % to 5%
Used for measuring insulation resistance between windings
9. Power meter (metra Hit) 10µV - 1000V AC & DC
10nA to 10A AC & DC
0.001Hz to 300MHz
0.01W to 10KW
Used for measuring Voltage, current freq & power & other electrical parameters
10. AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER Voltage Adj. Pot: 12.5V to 17V Current Adj. Pot: 0 to 20A 12V/ 0-20A charger is state of the art solid state design to charge Ni-cad/ other Batteries. It can constant voltage/ constant current charger. The Battery voltage and charging current monitored by analogue voltmeter and current meter. The charging current 7 output voltage can be continuously adjustable bythe respective Pot on the Front Panel of charger. To achieve the Voltage and current regulation 2 No’s of SCR (connected back to back) are connected in series to the primary of main transformer. Fully Automatic User Friendly Reliable Performance CV/ CC method charging SCR controlled
11. High Rate Discharge Tester 12V/0-600A Used for discharge Lead acid battery with very high current
12. BATTERY LIFE CYCLE TESTER CHARGER Charging voltage: 13.5V to 18VAdj. Charging Current: 0 to 20A adj. Charging Method/ Type: CV/CC DISCHARGING Discharging Current: 0 to 35A adj. Discharging Type: Constant Current EODV: 0 to 11V Adj. End of Discharge: Automatic or EDOV by Time OVER ALL Input Voltage: 230±10% Single Phase 50Hz Test Battery: 12V upto 200AH Dimensions: 610 x 450 x 260 mm Simak –Ados life cycle tester is state of the art microcontroller based fully automatic. The tester can set/ adjust the following times/ parameters: Charging voltage Charging current End of Discharge voltage Discharge current Charging Time Discharging Time Rest time No. of cycles The tester is built in memories to continue the test from the same state of charging/ discharging or rest in case of Mains Failure. The tester is designed to repeat the charging &discharging i.e cycles of battery. CHARGER Charging Volt Monitoring: By Digital Meter Charging Current Monitoring: By Digital Meter Charging Cut: By set Time Protections: i- Rev. Battery ii- Over Battery iii- Short ckt DISCHARGING Discharging Volt Monitoring: By Digital Meter Discharging Current Monitoring: By Digital Meter OVER ALL Cooling: Forced Air Cooling Protection: By MCB in Battery Path. Input Fuse
13. BATTERY CAPACITY TESTER(BCT) Battery Type: SMF/Automotive/Tubular/Ni-Cd and other Performed On: C/5, C/10,C/20 and other Test of Battery : up to 350 AH Discharge Current Range: 3A to 35A Measuring Voltage Range: 12 V dc Simak Battery Capacity tester is used to test and calculate the Ah capacity of Batteries. It is fully automatic, Digital and Micro controller based equipment. It discharge the battery at constant current. The discharge current can be adjusted from 0 to maximum rating of the equipment. The discharge is continuous till the battery reaches EODV (End of discharge voltage). User friendly Auto AH calculation in C/20 mode Light & Compact Digital Meters
14. Programmable Climatic Test Chamber(kasco) -25˚C to 100˚C, 40% RH to 95%RH Used for environmental testing
15. Salt Spray Chamber used with 5% NaCl Sol & as well as 7 salt sol at 35˚C Used for corrosion test
16. ESD SIMULATOR (ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE TESTER) Discharge Method- contact discharge and air discharge Polarity- Positive & Negative Charge Resistor- 50MΩ (combined with the discharge gun) Discharge Interval- 0.05/0.1s to 99.9s Discharge cycle- 1 to 99999s Discharge points- 1 point to 10 points An electrostatic discharge is a common phenomenon. The electric shock by the electrostatic discharge occurs such as when touching the doorknob, walking on the carpet in dry condition, or getting on and off from the automobile. When the ark current or the electromagnetic wave were generated by those electrostatic discharge flows in to the electric circuit, it may cause a significant adverse effect such as malfunction of the electronics device or destruction of the electric circuit. We offer the product which compiles to the standard of the immunity test that can simulate the direct and indirect discharge to the electrical device and the electronic equipment from the charged human body Electrostatic discharge simulator compliant with EN/IEC61000-4-2 Maximum test voltage of ± 30kV is more than sufficient for required testing levels Applied to the ISO 10605 ed2.0:2008 standard
17. SURGE TESTER Pulse voltage peak open- circuit- 0.5kV~ 7.0kV Pulse current peak (Short- circuit)- ± 10% Polarity- positive/ Negative/ alternate Phase Shift- Asynchronous/ Phase synchronization/ External synchronization (0- 3590) EMS6100-5A Is a lightning surge generator with high reliability which is especially designed for electromagnetic compatibility with test of lightning surge It can both simulate lightning and procedure high energy surge The instrument confirms to the latest standards IEC61000-4-5 AND IEC61000-4-9. It can widely meet the testing requirements against lightning surge of electronic products. With the built-in generators of CWE (Combination Wave Generators) and MF (Magnetic Field), It can realize both lightning surge test and pulse magnetic test. With the built-in single phase coupling decoupling network, switching coupling paths can be achieved automatically. 7 inch LCD touch screen display and computer interaction interface. RJ45 communication function
18. Dust Chamber Size- 1mx1mx1m Use for mainly conducting dust ingress tests
19. Environmental cum Humidity Test Chamber Uniformity Temperature range- 40˚C to 85˚C Humidity Range- 30 to 95 % Size- 2000mm
Use for Environmental cum Humidity Test
20.INGRESS PROTECTION (IP) TEST IP- X0 to X6 (IS 10322 Standard) An Ingress protection test is done to check people’s protection against access to hazardous parts inside the enclosure, protection of equipment inside the enclosure against harmful effects due to the ingress of water. AERF has an excellent in house test facility to undertake an ingress protection test. A compliance test report and certificates will be issued following by a test as per IS 10322. IS 10322 with rated IP-XX clause Protected against vertically falling drops of water or condensation. Protected against splash water from any direction limited ingress permitted. Protected against high pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted Protected against long, durable periods of immersion in water, under pressure
21. Load Panel It is used for a specific load based on factors such as design, wiring and safety features of Electrical Devices.
22. Life Test Rack 0 – 400 V AC Digital Cyclic Timer (0-999)m, Timer Totalizer (0-99999.9) Hr. For checking the life span of LED Bulbs Switching, Continuous Variable AC for 0 to 360 V
23. PROFILE PROJECTOR Magnification – Minimum 5x & Maximum 100x. Screen Diameter- 500 mm Least count- 0.001 mm Angular measurement – 1 minute Travel range- 100x50 mm with use of gauge block It is used for linear measurement minimum 0.001 mm & angular measurement minimum 1 minute. Measurement of following: 1) Camplete 2) Screw Thread & Screw Pitch 3) Gear profile & angle 4) X- Y direction travel range 100x50 mm with use of gauge block
24. variable dc current bias source Weight of the test specimen- Max. 400 Kg Clamping area- 400 x 500mm Acceleration- max. 8000 m/s2 Duration of the shock- Max. 20 ms Shock wave frequency, infinitely variable preselection- Max. 106 Individual Shocks- Can be generated Connected Loads- Operating Voltage- 380/220 V 3- phase alternating current Operating frequency- 50 Hz Total Connected Load- Approx. 2.5kVA Dimensions- 700mmX850mmX900mm Shock Table- Control Device- 540mmX340mmX360mm the equipment is designed to provide variable dc current through inductors having dc resistance less than or equal to 0.3 e exceeding which the current drawn would be less than 5a digital panel meter for load current a pair of terminals for connecting the test transformer to the circuit. measurement of equipment with the lcr by desired load current.
25. SHOCK TEST STAND Weight of the test specimen- Max. 400 Kg Clamping area- 400 x 500mm Acceleration- max. 8000 m/s2 Duration of the shock- Max. 20 ms Shock wave frequency, infinitely variable preselection- Max. 106 Individual Shocks- Can be generated Connected Loads- Operating Voltage- 380/220 V 3- phase alternating current Operating frequency- 50 Hz Total Connected Load- Approx. 2.5kVA Dimensions- 700mmX850mmX900mm Shock Table- Control Device- 540mmX340mmX360mm The ST800 shock test stand is a testing machine for the generation of intermittent stresses to which devices machines and components are subject under operating conditions or during handling. The test shocks generated meet the requirements of TGL, DIN, ISO and CMEA standards.
26. Earth Bond Tester
0-750 V AC, 0-50 A For checking the proper earthling of instrument The range of voltage is from 0 to 750 V AC & 0-50 Amp current
27. MILLING MACHINE HMT Size- 15 Size- 15 Centre Height- 150mm Spindle nose- Taper- MT4 Bore dia. for job admittance- 16mm Length- 368mm Height- 290mm Base Area- 295x180 mm Wt. approx. including tailstock- 70 Kg Single lever, hand operated vertical indexing head unit increases the versatility of the milling machines by minimising the use of jigs & fixtures. It gives quick and accurate indexing up to accuracy of ±2 minutes in circular movement by simple operation through a single lever. Single lever hand operation horizontal Indexing head Single lever hand operation vertical Indexing head Round table hand & power operated Universal dividing head Vertical slotting Rack milling Vertical milling head Universal milling head
Voltage Range: 0.1V – 600V Ohms Range: 0.01MΩ – 10 GΩ The fluke model 1507 and model 1503 are battery powered insulation testers. These testers meet CAT IV IEC 61010 standards. The IEC 61010 standard defines four measurement categories (CAT I TO IV) based on the magnitude of danger from transient impulses. CAT IV Testers are designed to protect against transients from the primary supply level. The tester measure or tests the following: AC/ DC Voltage Earth Bond Resistance Insulation resistance
29.TOOL MAKER MICROSCOPE Type : Column supported erect type Microscope Light axis: Tilted by 300 against the vertical line. Objective lens Magnification : 3X Working distance: 73 mm Eyepiece Magnification : 10X Field number: 21 with cross line Image: Normal Vertical Travel : 180 mm Microstage Max. workpiece height: 120 mm for 176-301 and 117 mm for 176-311 Power : AC 100V,120V,220V,240V,50/60 Hz Dimensions and Weight Width x depth x height: 445 x 617 x 468mm Weight: abt. 44kg Remote Operation: The key board unit is separable for the remote operation. Printing Out: Built-in printer gives you printed out data
30. High Rate Discharge Tester
Input Voltage- 230 ±10%, Single Phase Battery Test Voltage- 12 V Nominal Battery Discharge Current- 6-600A Adjustable Type of Discharge- Constant current Cooling- Forced Air cooled EOD (End of discharge voltage)- 0 to 11 V Adjustable End of discharge/ test- Auto cut Metering- Digital Simak- Ados HRD tester is used to discharge the batteries at very high rate/or perform the cranking test of batteries. It discharges the battery at constant current. The discharge current can be adjusted from the front panel. It will discharge the battery till battery voltage reaches EODV (End of discharge voltage). The end of discharge voltage can also be adjusted from the front panel. It has digital time totalized to monitor the discharge time. The battery voltage and discharging current are displayed on digital meter on the tester User friendly Fully automatic adjustable EODV Digital Metering Continuous Duty cycle forced air cooled
31. Leakage Current Tester
0-10mA Measure the leakage current on Electrical and Electronics instrument
32. Glow Wire
00C to 9600C, Digital timer (0-999.9) Sec., Digital Ammeter ( 0-150) A For the test of fire retardant on PCB and other components Test all types of PCB and plastic material
33. Endurance
0-400 V AC, Ambient - 4500C, Digital cyclic timer 0-99m ON/OFF counter 0- 999999 Timer totalizer 0-99999.9 hr. For thermal endurance in a Draught proof chamber For the measurement of temperature change on the instrument
34. HAAS -12W High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer
Spectrograph: Spectral wavelength (350nm – 1000nm) Chromaticity co-ordinate (x, y) luminous flux range 0.07 – 200,000 lm (colour temp. range 1000 K to 100000 K, Integration time (1 ms to 10s) CRI color rendering index (1 to14) This system is a set of sphere, power meter, AC source, DC Source for the specification of LED Lights Power, CRI, CCT, RI, V,I, X,Y, coordinate flux lumen of light