Calibration and Testing

Our Laboratory is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratory) in the field of Electronics & Electrical Testing. The main objective of Electronics and Electrical Testing is to certify products function according to existing safety regulation and standards. Our testing facility and expert staff provide certification services in compliance with regulation standards. We test and diagnose Electrical and Electronic faults as per instructions and in accordance with procedures. Our laboratory testing covers a wide range of Electrical and Electronics equipments to safety standards. Successful testing is an indication that our clients who return time and again for their product testing due to our credibility.

Following are the major Environmental and Durability Test Facilities

  • Environmental Chamber (Programmable- Temperature Control and dual set point humidity control).
  • Dry Heat Chamber.
  • Vibration Table (ST-80).
  • High Voltage Withstand Tester.
  • Salt Spray Chamber.
  • Ingress Protection.
  • Dust Chamber.
  • Surge Tester.

Benefits of Testing Services:

  • Provides an assurance on product to facilitate customer’s acceptance.
  • Provides an assurance on product stated specification, safety and quality to safeguard the customer’s interest.
  • Our experienced experts can minimize risks of bringing in a new product to market to introduce successfully to customers.
  • Provides an opportunity to competitively position your products, decreases risk of liability with documented safety standards and gains huge market visibility.

Equipments we have for testing of LED Light, Luminaires & LED Driver etc.

  • List of equipments
  • 1. AC Power Source
  • 2. Memory Hi-Logger 30 Channel
  • 3. Digital Power Meter
  • 4. HAAS-1200 High Accuracy Array Spectroradiometer
  • 5. Digital Multimeter
  • 6. Digital CC & CV DC Power Supply
  • 7. Integrating Sphere 1.5 meter
  • 8. Digital Force Gauge
  • 9. Digital Caliper
  • 10. High Voltage Breakdown Tester
  • 11. Life Test Rack
  • 12. Earth Resistance Test Equipment
  • 13. Endurance/Thermal Test Panel
  • 14. Torsion Test Equipment
  • 15. Go & No Go Gauge for B22d, E14 & E27
  • 16. High Frequency Spark Generator
  • 17. Leakage Current Test Equipment